Wedding Trends for Summer 2018

Wedding Trends for Summer 2018

Wedding Trends for Summer 2018

Wedding dresses

Off the shoulder wedding dresses are on the rise, with more people opting for this over the traditional strapless look. Convertable wedding dresses with removable trains and skirts are also increasingly popular as brides want to be able to move more easily during the party part of the night without needing to get changed. More brides are also opting for separates allowing them to mix and match a lacy top with a flowing skirt. 

Brunch Weddings

Daytime weddings are on the rise, featuring brunch-inspired menus and, of course, free-flowing champagne. This in increasingly popular with couples who already have children together and have a lot of friends who also have children. Another bonus of a daytime wedding is that it leaves the bride and groom free to enjoy the wedding night together. 

Macrame Backdrops

Macrame backdrops have replaced the wedding arch as the most popular way to decorate the ceremony area. They come in a variety of styles from simple and rustic to intricate and elegant designs sometimes incorporating flowers and coloured streamers. To make the most of these features they are also often used behind the cake table or behind the head table at dinner. 

Food and Drink Pairings

The signature drink and nibbles of canape hour is getting a fresh look with brides and grooms getting more adventurous with customised food and drink pairings like tacos and margheritas, craft beer and mini sliders, or fried chicken bites with mini rum and cokes. 


The focus in bridal makeup is moving to the mouth with Berry lips becoming hugely popular for brides this year. Eye makeup seems to be dialled back to compensate with natural shades or a light millenial pink the favoured choices. 

Bridal Hair

With the rustic look fading brides are moving away from overly curled and hair and elegant sleek updos are more on trend. There is also a move towards embracing the natural texture of the brides hair allowing her a more natural look. Brides are also embracing the greenery trend adding greenery to their styles and the floral crown is still incredibly popular and bolder than ever.

Mini Moon

With the cost of weddings and travel rising and with many friends and family arriving from overseas for the wedding, more and more couples are choosing a short trip away in New Zealand to celebrate after the wedding either by themselves or with their nearest and dearest. Beach locations are popular in summer with Rotorua or the Queenstown lakes district being popular choices. 


With it's connections to princess dreams and romance pink has always been a popular colour for weddings, this year a dusky rose pink is the hue of choice for Brides. Shades of blue, purple and grey are also incredibly popular. 

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