Unplug your wedding

Unplug your wedding

This is one of my favourite spots in Auckland. This beach has no cell phone reception, very few footprints and it's a place where I have taken only a handful of clients. It's a bit of a drive, there is no wet weather cover, but when you get there, you instantly feel special.

This is one of my favourite places on this planet because everyone leaves their phone in the car and just appreciates what is right in front of them.

That's how your wedding should be..... Well, the ceremony at the very least.

It's normal now for the celebrant to ask guests to refrain from posting to social media before the Bride & Groom give the 'all clear', but how about asking them to just put down their phones, iPads, Nintendo DS (yes I've seen it) and just unplug for your ceremony.

You will probably have an official photographer, maybe a videographer. That's enough. 

Ask your guests to stay seated, relax and witness your ceremony. Ask them to 'be present' with all of their attention when you say your vows and commit to one another.

This also leaves the professionals to do their job without Aunt Norma stretching one leg in the aisle and Cousin Peter taking 300 pics of the 'rings going on' with the shutter beep on full noise.... beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep...... x 290 more times, beep.

After the ceremony... let them loose again. Get the party pics, the selfies and drunkies-too-muchies.

You won't regret this decision.

If you really want to unplug your day.... put all phones in a basket. First one to pick theirs up... buys a drink for everyone.


Chris Dillon - www.dillon.co.nz

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