Top Five Tips - Sugarcoated - Wedding Cake Designers

Top Five Tips - Sugarcoated - Wedding Cake Designers

About Sugarcoated 

For a cake that will have your guests in awe, we create individual designs that make a statement and add the ‘wow factor’ to your special occasion. 

We love meeting and working with wedding couples and will turn your vision into a dream cake to suit your theme & venue.

Only fresh, natural ingredients are used to keep that home-baked taste.

Sugarcoated's Top Five Tips for Wedding Cakes
1. Have a realistic budget

If you have a design you fell in love with and just love sugar flowers cascading down a 4-tier cake with lace details and you want to spend no more than $400, then that's not going to work. It takes hours to bake, ice and stack the cakes and then double that time to work on sugar flowers, lace, etc. It is your wedding day and you have the photos for a lifetime. You have come to a cake artist to make your cake and as with any skilled trade, the time spend on creating a wedding cake does add to the cost. If you have only a set amount you can commit please talk to us and we can work out what can be designed that keeps to the theme, colour, etc. without breaking the bank.
That image on Pinterest you had us quote can easily be three times your budget, but it doesn't mean you have to compromise on all the elements you like. That's why we're experts.

2. Be flexible with your cake design/flavour/icing.

All too often I have a bride coming to a consultation and her heart set on a certain style and flavour. Cakes are delicate and depending on the style of wedding, venue, season there are limitations on what can be done. A ruffled fondant cake at a garden or beach wedding on display outside in summer isn't going to work and neither is red velvet with cream cheese. When we meet we ask you a lot of questions about the venue so we don't have surprises and have to improvise last minute and you can have piece of mind.

3. Come prepared to your cake consultation

To make sure we can sketch and agree on a design we need information. Bring the invitation, brochure/website address for the venue, print images you like, fabric samples, etc. The more the merrier. If your wedding is 10 months away there isn't a point meeting too early unless you're super-organised. You may have guests added and need a bigger cake or changes the colours, flowers or now want a cake that incorporates your dress. After an initial quote you can can pay your deposit to lock in the date and tick the cake off your list and get on with the rest of your planning. Once you're ready we can meet and nut out the details. A win-win.

4. Think about the cake display

Your cake is a main focal point at the reception and yes your venue will tell you that they supply a cake table and sometime a stand, but usually you are looking at just a table with a cloth over. That's it - and it sometimes looks plain and flat, especially if you have a smaller 2-tier on a 90x90cm table. Hire a cake stand from us. We have a fantastic range and can match them to your style or theme. We also have some props and can arrange flowers around the base, too - just ask your florist to leave some extra for us at the venue. Have some fun and give the traditional cake table a spin. Break down your 3-tier cake into two cakes on different stands.

5. Book that delivery

We prefer to deliver your cake and quite often depending on where the venue is and what season we stack the tiers on site. Paying the delivery/set-up charge is not the time to save. If your aunty Carol has agreed to pickup the cake and bring it to the venue, that's fine. However, wedding cake deliveries are the most stressful part of the process and a lot can go wrong if you're not used to it, so save yourself the stress and let us take care of it. We also ensure proper storage at the venue and instructions for the caterer on how to cut your cake.

Extra Tip

Be flexible, relaxed and draw on the expertise of the people you engage to make your dream wedding a reality - or consider booking a wedding planner!

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