Top Five Tips - Off the Wall - Wedding Band

Top Five Tips - Off the Wall - Wedding Band

About Off the Wall

With over ten years and hundreds gigs together, Off The Wall is the perfect band for your wedding. Our high energy sets of non-stop music are packed with many of the greatest songs from the past 50 years.

Off the Wall's Top Five Tips for Booking a Wedding Band

Always pick a band with great gig reviews - You can find these on the Bands website or on their Facebook page. 
Choose a band that focuses on the hits - You have a very diverse group of people at a wedding and you want to make sure everyone knows the music to dance and sing along to. 
Choose a band with a high standard of dress - It's your wedding day after all and the band are going to be in the spotlight. 
Check to see if there are any venue noise restrictions - This could affect how long the band can play for so make sure you get this info from your venue right at the start. 
Try to see the band live first if possible - Off the Wall play quite a few public gigs throughout the year so just email us if you'd like to come see us play. 

Extra Tip

Make sure to get a band performance agreement signed nice and early, ideally 9-12 months before the wedding. 

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