Top Five Tips - Amanda Wignell Photography

Top Five Tips - Amanda Wignell Photography

About Amanda Wignell Photography

Amanda's images are real, fun, relaxed and timeless, capturing everything you expect from your day and a whole lot more.

Amanda Wignell's Top Five Tips for Wedding Ceremonies

1 Book a professional (you can't do your whole wedding day again and you don't want to regret not having great images to treasure - they are what you have after the wedding is over)

2 Allow time for photos - don't rush, it should be fun and not a chore.
- from getting ready to the group family photos, really consider having your bridal party photos before the ceremony to spend time together and then later stay with your guests.

3 Let your parents and bridal party know what you have organised and they should expect from them, that you have it covered with your professional photographer - timing, jobs, your expectations - this will eliminate stress from others on the day - remember your bridal party as supposed to help you and your partner not hinder!

4 Choose your dress (dresses) carefully.
- a great dress can make you and your bridesmaids look amazing but we aren't all the same shape or size, plus moving around in some styles can prove difficult in high heels and heat if you aren't used to it! Remember if you are dress shopping in winter you will be hot come summer time.

5 Be open to suggestions - don't decide all the styling as soon as you get engaged, fads and fashion change.

Amanda's Top Tip for Wedding Planning
Keep it simple, don't overdo the itinerary, so you can enjoy your day and not be rushing around stressed, missing everything beautiful.


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