Sarah Bloxham - Wedding Celebrant

Sarah Bloxham - Wedding Celebrant

Sarah Bloxham - Wedding Celebrant

About Sarah

I feel honoured to be a NZ registered Marriage Celebrant and same sex marriage Celebrant and take couples through their special day. I hold the Certificate in Celebrant Studies which has helped me create truly original ceremonies for each couple that book me.

Sarah's Top Five Tips on planning your Wedding Ceremony.

- Interview your celebrant on the phone and/or in person and let them tell you about how they can help you on your day. Hear their confidence and their smiles. When they are finished, they should have answered every question you had without you asking. Remember you get what you pay for. Check out their reviews, their Facebook page etc. and choose someone who you feel a connection with, someone who gives you the feeling that they will help you along the way. 

-  Meet the celebrant as soon as you book her/him. This will help you get into wedding mode, and make a lot of other things make sense and flow and help you set time lines. An awesome celebrant is like a mini wedding planner – they know lots more than just the ceremony. They can take charge when things go wrong – or right, and they "run the show". They also refer you to other services you need like photographers, DJ's etc to also make your day awesome.

-  Put both the rings in 1 box. Don't use a ring cushion.

-  Always always have a rehearsal – on the day you will remember some of it, but that rehearsal is vital for doing a run through – along with practising in your shoes too.

-  As for your wedding shoes – practice wearing these everywhere – all round the house ages before the wedding. If they are stilletos and you are getting married on a lawn, get the shoe heel clear covers from Overland or Number One Shoes so you don't sink in. If they are really high, and you are not used to this, then have a second pair of shoes for later, that may be lower. You need to dance – this is going to be your future favourite day. You are now organised!!

Sarah's #1 Wedding Planning Tip

Enjoy the wedding planning ride with your partner and remember this is your wedding – keep that in your head, when everyone is telling you what to do. "It's our wedding". They have had their time, or maybe they want to have their time – but this is yours. Own it. Be precise about what you want. Ask for advice if you want to and then you decide what you want to take on board.

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