The latest trends in Wedding Food

The latest trends in Wedding Food

Grazing Tables

Grazing tables are becoming increasingly popular for weddings, either during canape time, as the main event, or for dessert. Increasingly couples are setting up one huge long table and putting the whole menu out at once allowing people to choose from entree main and dessert at any time of the meal. The focus is on having a lot of variety and making the buffet extremely decorative so that it is a feature of the room.

Donut Walls

Donuts have always been one of the ultimate sweet treats and the latest wedding trend for doughnut walls celebrates doughnuts in all of their glory. The idea with a doughnut wall is to create a fantastic showpiece that will also be utterly delicious! Many different kinds of doughnuts are used to create a colourful display and other vases of lollies are also included to create a complete sweet sensation. Many doughnut puns abound as well such as ‘A “hole” lotta love’ or “Donut leave me hangin’” “Donut worry, be happy” and “Donut stop, won’t stop.”

Family Style Menus

Forget lining up for the buffet, one of the hottest trends at the moment is family style meals. With this type of menu, all the dishes are served to the centre of the table and all the guests serve themselves. This helps get guests chatting more readily if they aren’t good at small talk they can just ask someone to pass the potatoes! These menus tend to be more rustic featuring roast meats, veggie dishes and a variety of salads reminiscent of a big family dinner.

Crepe Wedding Cake

Crepe wedding cakes are made out of dozens of handmade crepes layered with a light vanilla, chocolate, or lemon creme. Brides can mix and match their favourite flavours and different sized crepes are used to create a tiered cake display; confectioner's sugar, fresh berries and flowers complete the look.  

Edible Flowers

As fresh organic ingredients become more popular the use of edible flowers in food has increased too. This type of decoration used to only be seen in high-end restaurants but you can now see them popping up in dishes everywhere. As wedding food becomes more and more about aesthetics touches like this bring beauty and style to the table.

Matches Made in Heaven,

We’ve seen a real trend towards canapé pairings where each finger food is paired with a little drink taster too. Some popular options are tacos and margaritas, craft beer and mini sliders, or fried chicken bites with mini rum and cokes. This is a great opportunity for couples to bring their personalities and favourites to the party.


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