Researching your Wedding Day

Researching your Wedding Day

Researching Your Wedding Day

When thinking about when to get married there are all sorts of things you take into account including budget, family commitments and venue availability. But there are also some other key factors to consider while researching your day that can help make everything run smoothly for you.


If you are having a beach wedding or beach photos you will definitely want to consider what time high and low tide are on your wedding day, especially if you pictured everyone looking out over the ocean during the ceremony. You can find out the high and low tide prediction for  any date up to the end of 2019 at


One thing no bride can guarantee is that the sun will shine on her big day. But you can increase your chances by picking a summer wedding date. February and March are the most popular months for weddings in New Zealand, but April and May are just as gorgeous and it is a little cooler for guys in suits plus the weather is usually very settled at this time of year.


If you have been dreaming of the perfect golden hour photo shoot you will need to know exactly when on the day the sun will set. You can find out the time the sun will set on your wedding date here.

Other events

If there are other events on in the city or town you are getting married in on your big day this can affect traffic and availability of accommodation and vendors. Take into account other events, festivals and concerts when you are planning as well as national holidays such as Christmas and New Years.  

Flower season

Love peonies? Well be prepared to have your wedding in November because it is the only time of year these beautiful blooms are available. To be honest - i think it is worth considering if you have a bloom you really love.. Here is a quick list of what is available when - for more information talk to a talented florist like Victoria Leitch at Willoughby Rd one of our Bridal Club vendors.

Summer - January-March

Caspea Celocia Hydrangea, Iris, Lilies, Statice, sunflowers, Tuberoses, Zaderdesia.

Autumn - April-June
Anthuriums Asters, Camellia. Cyclamen, Cymbidium orchids Freezia, Iris, Narcissus Narines, Protea, Tulip.

Winter - July-September
Bells of Ireland, Daffodils, freesias hosta, , Hyacinths, Lucodendron, Orchids, Protea, Stock, Tulip, Violets.

Spring - October-December
Anthurinum, Delphiniums, Gladioli, Kiphofia Leucodendron, lucospernum, Peony roses, Stock, Trachelium.

Flowers available all year
Alstromeria, Asiatic lilies, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Gypsophilia, , Gerberas, Miniature roses, Roses, Orchids imported from Singapore.

If you take these things into account you can make things that much easier on the day and that is what it is all about. Every Bridal Club vendor will work with you to help care care of the little things that will ensure your day is perfect.



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