Jess + Emile

Jess + Emile

A photographers perspective -

I have photographed over 1000 weddings. Jess and Emile's wedding stands out to me for one reason. These two awesome people enjoyed every second of their wedding day. They picked equally happy and supportive friends to be in their bridal party. They smiled, they laughed, they just basked in happiness. Little things went wrong (as they always do) but they laughed them off and carried on with their day.

The vibe at their wedding was awesome. It was a celebration of love. So in a nutshell here's why the are in the inspiration section. It wasn't what they wore, or where they had their wedding. (Gracehill Vineyard Estate totally knocked this one out of the park) It wasn't the flowers, or the cake.... all beautiful. It was their attitude to the day. Nothing could have stopped these two being anything but happy. It was infectious and a pleasure to be part of. The most beautiful thing at their wedding? Themselves.

Chris Dillon -

The Bridal Club Vendors list:

Gracehill Vineyard Estate - Kumeu

Dillon Photography

Sarah Bloxham - Celebrant



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