Into the Wild

Into the Wild

One trend in weddings that seems to just keep growing is the trend for using greenery at weddings, usually flowers are the star of the show but at the moment the blooms are just the back up dancers with greenery taking centre stage. Here are five of the best ways to incorporate greenery into your wedding day styling. 

Wedding Arches

Wedding arches are very popular at the moment and are often square shaped as well as  round. The greenery used in these arches can be quite formal featuring just one type of greenery or a variety of different types of foliage for a wild untamed look. 

Aisle Decoration

The little statement bouquet on the end of the pew has grown a lot in size and now features a whole lot more greenery. This can then be combined with other statement decorations like the lanterns in the image below. 

Statement hanging Centrepiece.

Large hanging statement pieces are also very popular at the moment, These may be in a wreath shape or built along a found object such as a ladder, these are usually installed above the head table or in the centre of the room. 

As a Table Garland.

Using volumptuous amounts of greenery as table runners is also a hugely popular look right now, this effect is often trailed off the end of the table to the floor. Candles or blooms are then interspersed through the greenery but the hero is definitely the foliage. 

For your Bouquet 

Flowers are even taking a backseat in the bouquet with many brides opting for an all green bouquet, this is a stunning look when paired with a simple white dress. 

This trend is very contemporary but greenery has also traditionally been used in wedding ceremonies since ancient times, Ancient Athenians wove mint and marigolds, which they believed to be aphrodisiacs, into bridal garlands and wreaths. Roman brides carried wheat for fertility, rosemary for the groom’s virility, and myrtle for long life. European brides in the Middle Ages carried pungent herbs such as garlic and chives to prevent jealous spirits from disrupting the couple’s happiness. 

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