Five Ways to Include your Children in your Wedding Day.

Five Ways to Include your Children in your Wedding Day.

Here comes Mummy...

If you are having your children as page boys or flower girls have them carry a little sign saying here comes mummy. This is so adorable, looks great in photos and always goes down well with the wedding guests, 

Family Vows

Include your children in your vows by making promises about your life together as a family. You could also get your children to place the ribbons around your wrists for a handfasting ceremony to symbolise your new bond as husband and wife.

Give your children Official Duties

Being an usher for the ceremony is a great job for older children. Another great job for confident children is giving a speech, even little ones will often say a few words if given the opportunity! if you have a few children they can make the speech together. This leads to some really classic wedding entertainment, you may want to check with them first what they are going to say!

First Dance

Kids have amazing moves so why not ask your children to join you for your first dance? Depending on your style you can either put together an epic masterpiece or just wing it on the day and have fun!

Kids Games

If you want your kids to have fun keep them entertained! Some lawn games are are fun option and kids love bouncy castle which are also a great way for them to use up some of their energy. Craft supplies at dinner will also help keep them entertained. A movie corner with couches for later on in the night is an excellent idea, provide sleeping bags and the kids can even have a nap if they're tired.



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