Finding the perfect #WeddingDayHashtag

Finding the perfect #WeddingDayHashtag

 We all love a good hashtag and weddings these days are no exception. Chances are your guests will snap photos on your big day and a hashtag is a great way to see all the different aspects of your day from the guests point of view. Here’s a few tips on getting the most out of a wedding day hashtag.


1. Come up with a good Hashtag.

Use your names as well as nicknames to come up with a great hashtag that people will remember.

The best hashtags we have seen include a play on words. For example in this case the bride’s last name was Morgan #MorganHeBargainedFor. Or use a rhyme eg  #sarahandjedfinallywed.


2. Avoid hashtag generators.

Most hashtag generators are similar to those quizzes on facebook, short and pointless with average outcomes. Take the time to brainstorm yourself and ask that friend who always wins scrabble and does crosswords to give you a hand. That way you can come up with something unique that suits you perfectly.


4. Include elements that describe your wedding.

Think about your wedding location and theme to give you extra ideas. Perhaps include a word from another language that incorporates your cultural background. Or incorporate a reference to a significant event, a favourite movie or a book. Inspiration is everywhere.


5. Give it a twist

Let's face it: "At this point, even the most creative hashtags may have already been used by another couple," So if you've found the perfect hashtag has already been taken try just tweaking the hashtag a little bit - add your country, town or wedding date to the tag. Eg #sam&Annsayyes2017


6. But keep it simple

Don't forget: The goal for a wedding hashtag is for it to be short, easy to remember, and easy to understand. The ideal hashtag is no more than three to four short words, avoids hard to spell words, and uses capitalization between words as necessary to make the phrase clear and easy to understand. If you have to explain it to your guests, it's probably not a good hashtag."


7. Tell guests how you want them to use your hashtag.

Communication is key, if you don’t want any photos of the ceremony posted online, get your celebrant to let people know before it starts. Same goes if you don’t want them to post photos online until after your wedding day. Most of all have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff.




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