Don't worry, be happy

Don't worry, be happy

It's your wedding day, so obviously you are going to be happy. You'd be surprised.

Over the past few years I have seen a number of brides spend most of their wedding stressed, focusing on small details that the guests don't even notice.
For what? to reach midnight, head off with your new husband/partner and talk about all the things that went wrong?

Let it go! I know you all want your day to be perfect. But what is a perfect wedding?

To me it's so simple.

Two people who are deeply in love commit to each other with heartfelt vows, witnessed by the people closest to them. That's it.

During this celebration the weather might pack in, a member of the bridal party will drink too much (oddly usually called Sarah or Kurt), a family member will say something dumb, you will get marks on your white dress. But keep it all in perspective. You are lucky. You have met that perfect someone. Celebrate, have fun, be happy. This is the biggest and most expensive party you will probably ever organise. Please don't get to midnight and realise you missed the whole thing. Ask any bride..... the day goes so fast.

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