Choosing Music for your wedding ceremony.

Choosing Music for your wedding ceremony.

Choosing Music for your Wedding Ceremony.

We all know the role that music plays in our lives of stirring up and inspiring emotion. This is especially true of the songs that we use for the wedding ceremony. This can be a tricky job so we have put together a few ideas to help you out.

1. We think of the wedding ceremony as an emotional journey,  during the proceedings you want people to feel the emotion and shed a tear or two, you want them to be entertained and you want them to celebrate with you. The song you play as you walk down the aisle is key as this is often the most emotional time of the ceremony when the Bride and Groom see each other for the first time. Choose a song with heartfelt lyrics and a slower pace. During the signing of the register the music is played to entertain the guests while the Bride and Groom sign the register. You can choose any song you like here - try and choose a longer one or put two back to back as signing the register takes longer than you think. The song for walking back down the aisle at the end of the ceremony marks the beginning of the celebrations so choose something upbeat and celebratory that says lets get this party started!

2. Live music vs Recorded. 

Recorded music is the most common for ceremonies these days and it does make practicing the timing for the walk down the aisle easier. But there's something special about live music. If you have a talented friend or family member who could play this is a really special way to include them in the day. If playing all the ceremony music seems like too much for them they could just perform during the signing of the register. Live music doesn't have to mean a string quartet, it could just be a singer playing guitar or a whole band if you wish. If you are using recorded music we highly recommend having your DJ play the music as then you can be sure there will be no technical hitches and that the music will start and end at the right place. You may also have a venue who will run the music for you, just be sure they know exactly what you want and practice this at the rehearsal. Your celebrant will also liaise with whoever is running the music as well so they know the cues for each song. 

3.Song choices. 

This job never gets easier, but here's a few ideas to help you choose your songs.

Favourite Songs - Create a new memory of a favourite song by finding an different version by a cover band or different artist, or use a remix to step up the tempo of a song. 

Instrumentals - Look for instrumental versions of songs you love, for example a rock song reimagined on Cello. 

Lyrics - Choose songs with beautiful heartfelt lyrics about love and commitment. 

Personalise - Choose something that's right for you even if others might not agree - it is fine to have a lighthearted song at the end of the ceremony if you wish it can add to the party vibe. 

Don't overthink it there are no right and wrong answers as long as you are happy with music choice. 




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